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The Magic Four

A virtuosi suite on the four temperaments as represented by characters of the "Commedia dell' arte". Ouvertüre, Arlecchino, Gavotte, Siciliano, Polonaise, Finale ostinato.

 In cooperation with Milan Sládek's stage work "The Magic Four" a complete stage music for guitar was created in summer 2019. The four human temperaments are thematized in composed and improvised music. The starting point were four figures from the Commedia dell'arte, whose stylization with masks was reflected in the selection of four dance forms from the 17th century. In keeping with the character of the characters presented, the compositions follow their own "modern" stylistic paths.

The agile and witty "Arlecchino" embodies the sanguine character on the basis of a Sicilian "Il Dottore" who, as a sedate and phlegmatic Bolognese university professor, has to make friends with a Gavotte. As "Pierrot" dances out his melancholy in a slow waltz, the old Venetian merchant "Il Pantalone" is stingy and clever as ever about his purse and his, obviously unrealistic, success with young women and tries his hand as a choleric personality to impress with a polonaise.

 A virtuoso pompous overture introduces the Suite of Temperaments and announces all of the characters. The "Finale ostinato" takes up elements of the overture and leads the work to a bravura conclusion. In the concert, the four dances can also be performed as a "small" suite, in other words without overture and finale.

Music score